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Business Management

Business Management

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The Business Management paper looks at the role of the manager in modern business organisations.

Business Management learning outcomes:

  1. Describe the major schools of management thought, their development and their implications
  2. Explain the key aspects of organisational structure and design
  3. Identify the nature and importance of managerial control, including the main elements and types of control in the business organisation and the role and importance of management information in the control process
  4. Describe the use of information technology in modern business management

 In addition to comprehensive syllabus targeted material our Learning & Practice Workbook offers:

  • Exam focus - we have taken account of recent exams, guidance the examiner has given and the assessment methodology
  • Help to study in the way that best suits your learning style and the time you have available
  • Assistance with creating a personal study plan
  • A way to review your progress through Fast forwards, Exam focus points, Chapter roundups and Quick quizzes
  • Exam question bank containing AIA exam-standard questions with answers
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