Collection: Professional Level 2

Professional Level 2 consists of four exams. Students have the option of taking either Developments in Assurance and Accountability or Business and Financial Management. Each subject is tested by a three hour online exam.

At the Professional 2 level students are expected to demonstrate that they:

  • Can critically evaluate current issues and developments relevant to accounting and related practices
  • Are able to integrate knowledge, understanding and technical ability from different areas of accounting and related practices to analyse situations, make judgements and recommend actions
  • Understand fundamental principles and concepts underpinning accounting and related practices in organisations and can discuss the conceptual rationale that provides the basis for those practices
  • Understand the role of accounting and related practices within the financial and governance context of organisations
  • Are able to apply relevant regulations and standards in accounting, auditing, law and taxation
  • Know and can execute basic recording and measurement techniques relevant to accounting, management and assurance; and
  • Are able to analyse financial information and interpret it for the purpose of supporting decision making.