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Multi-Disciplinary Case Study

Multi-Disciplinary Case Study

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The Case Study incorporates the areas of study covered by the other papers in Professional levels 1 and 2. It requires you to demonstrate that you can take the skills and learning from those papers and (i) relate different areas of learning to another one and (ii) apply that learning in an integrated way to a case designed to reflect more fully the complexities encountered in the context of real-life situations that arise in practice.

The aims of this paper are:

  1. Apply and integrate knowledge gained from other papers in the AIA professional qualification to a case scenario representing a practical context
  2. Analyse diverse information in order to determine what is relevant, and communicate the interaction between different factors (such as ethics, law, taxation, auditing and financial accounting) in order to provide a comprehensive synthesis of a practical case, with appropriate recommendations where relevant
  3. Apply appropriate professional judgement in the context of complex practical situations.

In addition to comprehensive syllabus targeted material our Learning & Practice Workbook offers:

  • Exam focus - we have taken account of the format and style of Multi-disciplinary Case Study exams in preparing the four case studies, guidance the examiner has given and the assessment methodology.
  • Help to study in the way that best suits your learning style and the time you have available
  • Assistance with creating a personal study plan
  • Provides activities, end of chapter questions and practice case studies to try.
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