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All of our products are available in printed or eBook formats. Buy the print version and you'll also get free access to the eBook version!


The CIMA Essentials Bundle includes our complete set of expertly written materials designed to help you pass:

  • Course Book, Exam Practice Kit, Passcards*
  • All print books include a FREE copy of the eBook
  • Additional FREE resources available in your eBook

Written by expert tutors and updated to reflect the latest assessment requirements

    Course Book

    Our Course Book provides you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and application techniques required for exam success. What does your Course Book offer?

    • A user-friendly format for easy navigation
    • A direct and interactive approach to understanding the technical syllabus content
    • A range of activities to develop your application skills and test your understanding as you learn
    • Illustrations to follow so that you can see the optimum approach in practice 

    Exam Practice Kit

    The Exam Practice Kit is your essential revision tool. What does your Exam Practice Kit offer?

    • Extensive bank of Objective Test questions mapped across the whole syllabus
    • Complete coverage of the CIMA exam blueprint
    • Split by topic areas so you can target your studies
    • Mock exam based on the new syllabus
    • Detailed solutions to help you improve your understanding


    Our Passcards* make the best use of your revision time. They summarise key topics to jog your memory when it matters, and are packed with rapid bites of exam-relevant guidance. What do your Passcards offer?

    • Revise at a glance and accelerate revision
    • Summaries and visual aids
    • Follows the syllabus in the same order as the Course Book for easy learning

    * where applicable 

    Case Study Practice Workbook

    Our Case Study Practice Workbook provides you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and application techniques required for your Case Study paper. What does your Practice Workbook offer?

    • Large bank of practice tasks and solutions
    • Detailed case study exam technique
    • Guidance and BPP's recommended approach
    • How to demonstrate core competencies and skills