How the pilot will work

We will be making three of our new qualifications and assessments available for the pilot, so students can be scheduled and sit assessments, and to feed back on their user experience:

Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping
Introduction to Bookkeeping (ITBK)
Principles of Bookkeeping Controls (POBC)


Level 2 Certificate in Accounting
Introduction to Bookkeeping (ITBK)
Principles of Bookkeeping Controls (POBC)
Principles of Costing (PCTN)
Business Environment synoptic (BESY)


Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping
Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements (FAPS)
Tax Processes for Businesses (TPFB)


For the pilot only, registrations for these qualifications will be free of charge.

There will be charges for assessments, however. For a list of fees see the AAT qualifications 2022 fees document (PDF).

There will be a cap on the number of registrations and this will be on a first come, first served basis. Registrations for the pilot are open from 1 February 2022 to 31 May 2022, and can be done using the specific Q2022 pilot registration form (PDF).

The pilot runs from 1 February 2022 until 31 August 2022, at which point all Qualifications 2022 qualifications will be made live and full fees will apply.

Students will continue to have access to the qualification they are studying under the pilot for the lifetime duration of the qualification, typically four to five years.

For most distance learning students, exams will need to be sat at an external assessment venue. We are currently speaking to a number of external venues in order to accommodate distance learning students.

If you have any queries, experience any issues or would like to provide any feedback on the new assessment platform, please email